Welcome to my world :)

Hey šŸ™‚

My name is Drew.

I love a lot of things. People, this beautiful planet, travel, food, friends, adventures, writing, taking mediocre photos that I think are really good, and being an idiot.

I have done a lot of fun things in my life, but when I worked in Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2016, I realized that I wanted to travel a lot more.

So I decided to do just that.

I made this blog, and I am going back to Yellowstone this summer. I am going to write about (and post pictures of) my experiences so that maybe someone will see them and get inspired to take the most exciting step of his/her life, leaving home and seeing the world.

I love people and this wonderful planet so very much. I hope to inspire others as I have been inspired. Thank you for reading my first ever post!! Come back for more posts every few days!

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