How to travel for free (or even get paid to do it)

To clarify, this is not a guide on how to be lazy and do whatever you want without any work. Nothing is ever accomplished without work, however, not all work is awful, difficult, or undesirable.


I have recently begun a journey that is going to take me all around the world. I am not rich, I did not have any savings prior to this, and no one I know is paying for anything that I do.



Many people dream of leaving their lives behind, traveling the world, living in exotic places, and not having to have a normal job for the rest of their lives. The problem is that very few of those dreams ever become realities. Most people just think grand thoughts and live their lives in an aggressively mediocre fashion. They don’t ever pursue their passions or follow their dreams.


They just let life happen to them instead of going out and happening to life!


This is a, far from comprehensive, guide on how to break away from the ordinary and make your life extraordinary.


3  ways to travel full time:

#1 Become a seasonal worker.

Seasonal work is, by far, one of the easiest ways to travel and live in amazing places and make money while doing it.

Here’s the deal: very many companies have loads of seasonal positions open in the “summer” (around april to october) and the “winter” (around november to april). Seasonal work can be any kind of job for any company that is hiring. Concessionaires and hospitality companies, specifically, have a lot of these positions open year round.

I am currently employed in a seasonal job in Yellowstone National Park. I serve food in a sit down restaurant in the old faithful location of the park. I get to live IN the park and have 3 meals a day in the employee cafeteria, and it all comes off the top of my paycheck, and I still make good money. People tip well when they’re on vacation usually 🙂

There are so many different companies and positions in this category that I couldn’t list them all if I tried, but google searching “seasonal work” “work in national parks” or “work in hotels abroad” would yield some amazing results.

You could end up finding things in a lot of places in the US or around the world!


#2 teach english abroad

This is something that a lot of people hear about but never think that they could ever do.

Teaching english in non-english-speaking countries is a highly lucrative option for those people who want to delve into a culture for a semester or a year and get paid, handsomely, to do it.

There are as many different programs and jobs/internships as there are countries. The main similarity is that every program requires that you be TEFL/TESOL (teaching english as a foreign/second or other language) certified. There are a few very large organizations that provide wonderful courses to learn how to teach and receive your certification for only a couple hundred dollars and a month or two of your time.

The programs place you in a school where you will teach or assist a teacher in teaching ages from 3-60 (depending on what you apply for) how to speak english. The experience, as I have heard and read, is like nothing you’ve ever done. Rewarding is not a strong enough word.

Some programs require just a High School diploma. Some are totally free. Some cost up front money, but pay you back in excess at the end. Some give you free housing and a monthly “allowance”. Some require a Bachelor’s degree.

They are all over the world, and ready for you to jump on.

#3 be an au pair for a family abroad

This one is only for those people that love kids.

Families all over the world need help taking care of their children on a daily basis, and are willing to house, feed, and give you some money every week for you helping them do that. All families needs and “benefits” are different so you should really get to know what a family needs before you agree to living with them.

This option is especially interesting because you don’t just live in an amazing place out of country, but you instantly become a local, because you become and older brother or sister to a family whose lives are built around whatever city you are in. The family (including you) will all go out together to eat, shop, go to the park, go to religious events, political events, and even travel around their home country or those around it! You get to do all of this will growing to love your new younger siblings in an amazing and exotic location.

I am actually moving to Milan, Italy to live with a family for 3 months starting in September 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited! I love kids so much, and I am so ready to become their big brother!

The website that I used to find my family is au pair world


Again, this is a far from comprehensive list of ways to travel full time, but I hope that it has piqued your interest, and you decide to research the possibility of leaving your comfort zone and making the world your home 🙂

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day <3


p.s. if you think someone you know would love to try and travel, but they don’t really know where to begin share this post with them so they can get some ideas on where to start 🙂